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Welcome to White Space

22/06/2020 / by TBM


Welcome to White Space, our new blog.

¿Why White Space?

n [Typography]  The blank areas of a page or other piece of printed matter, as margins, gutters between columns, etc., regarded collectively as an element of layout and design. Oxford Dictionary


n [Business] In this context, white space basically means “a place where a company might have room to maneuver in a crowded playing field.” As a metaphor, white space is at once ubiquitous and frustratingly ambiguous. There may be as many definitions circulating as there are business thinkers. Harvard Business Review

If you know us and follow us on other platforms, you know we are a team of curious minds, always seeking out the latest trends in the Beauty industry.


With White Space, our ambition is to create a space for our team of “Beauty Makers” to share thoughts, ideas & advice with our community of beauty industry enthusiasts; a blank canvas to build new beauty stories, inspire, debate, learn and ultimately grow together.


In this blog, all of the Beauty Makers will participate, and we will invite creators and experts to share their stories and vision of beauty with us. We will discuss branding, product trends, brand communications, digital beauty, entrepreneurship and select TBM news. We invite you to share themes that interest you for future posts in the comments section.


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Sources: Oxford DictionaryHarvard Business Review

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